Brut Cuvée Ym

Brut Cuvée Ym
Main characteristics
0,75 liters.
Цвет и сахар
White dry sparkling wine.
Сорта винограда
Garganega 50%, Chardonnay 30%, Sauvignon Blanc 20%.
Килограм на бутылку
1 kg of fresh grapes in each bottle.

Short description

Elegant traditional sparkling white dry wine SPUMANTE produced with the traditional Sharma method.


Intriguing aroma of red apples with notes of ripe pears and apricots. Persistent, soft bubbles add freshness and festivity to the taste, they do not distract from, but saturate the enjoyment of the wine. The bouquet is very delicate and pleasantly fruity.

Food pairing

This wine perfectly combines with fresh seafood and white fish.

Technical details

Grapes are cultivated in a carefully selected area with grapes grown on a high hill with a south sun-exposure on soils of volcanic origin.

Harvest takes place early in the morning so the temperature of the grapes is optimal for pressing.
After the separation of grapes from the stems, grapes are crushed very softly and berries are placed in a temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The duration of the maceration is 3 days at a temperature below 6ºC, fermentation is done for 5 days at a temperature below 14ºC. Native yeasts are added for the second fermentation to take place for 30 days at a temperature below 14ºC. Isobaric process is used when bottling the wine in order to maintain the perlage.

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