Concept wines.
Unique wines created to expand the boundaries of taste. When the winemaker is not afraid to experiment and asks the question "what if?" - unique masterpieces that create the trends of the future winemaking are obtained.

Tenute Ca'Botta is an innovative winery that owns the invention of its maceration and fermentation methods - Fermentino Ca'Botta®, which allows for the best extraction of tannins and beneficial substances from grapes, and the creation of unique wines with incredible extractive richness with an abundance of color and taste.
New technologies.
Unique recipes.
Extraordinary wines.
Rosso Veronese IGT Il Priore
Concept wine with 19% alcohol, where strength does not distract from the enjoyment of the taste. This is not a fortified wine - only natural fermentation of dried grapes and special aging in oak. Incredibly high density and viscosity of the wine lead to an exceptionally excellent balance. All the achievements of Ca'Botta's technologies in one bottle.
Red dry wine 
Alcohol strength 19%.
Grapes Corvina 50%, Teroldego 25%, Corvinone 20%, Oseletta 5%.
Aged in barriques 18 months in american oak.
Percentage of dried grapes 100%.
Length of appassimento 130 days.
Each bottle contains 4,3 kg of fresh grapes.
La Callaia Bianco Veronese IGT
Experimental white dry wine 15.5% made from dried grapes by technology appassimento, following the recipe of legendary Amarone DOCG. Dried grapes and three months of aging in American oak create a unique wine that impresses with vividness and elegance.

This wine is made mainly from Riesling Renano - grapes with medium-sized berries, which when dried, lose up to 70% of their weight. Therefore, to create this wine requires more grapes than you can imagine. Each bottle contains 3.6 kg of fresh grapes.
White dry wine 
Alcohol strength 15,5%
Grapes Riesling Renano 80%, Garganega 20%.
Aged in barriques 3 months in american oak.
Percentage of dried grapes 100%.
Length of appassimento 75 days.
Each bottle contains 3,6 kg of fresh grapes.
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