Torcinato Valpolicella DOC Superiore

Main characteristics
0.75 liters.
Цвет и сахар
Red dry wine.
Сорта винограда
Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, Corvinone.
Выдержка в бочке
225 liters French Barriques.
TCA free certified cork.
Grapes picked by hand.
Vineyard Altitude
380 - 520 meters above the sea level.

Short description

Special signature red dry wine produced with the fermentation in the patented tank Fermentino Ca’Botta® for an extra potent body.


Red wine of an intense ruby red color. The olfactory note reveals the pleasing fragrances of cherries, garnet with an elegantly light notes of herbs and tobacco. The taste is graceful and refined, complex in the body with notes of thyme, black chokeberry, blackberries and cherries.

Food pairing

TORCINATO Valpolicella DOC Superiore is ready to drink immediately after opening, but for the best enjoyment it requires at least 30 minutes of decantation.

Vintage 2017:
DWWA 2021 (UK) - SILVER.

Vintage 2016:
Luca Maroni - 93.
Decanter World Wine Awards 2021 - Bronze.

Older vintages:
Decanter Asia Wine Awards - 94/100 (Silver Award), vintage 2014.
The WineHunter Award ROSSO from 88 to 89.99 points out of 100.
Luca Maroni (Italy) - 93/100.
AIS Veneto (Italy) - 3/4.
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