Tenuta Soprazocco Garda Riesling DOC

Main characteristics
0,75 liters.
Цвет и сахар
White dry wine.
Сорта винограда
Riesling Renano 100%.
Вяленый виноград
40 days.
Килограм на бутылку
1,5 kg of fresh grapes in each bottle.

Short description

Elegant white dry wine produced from dried grapes, using the appassimento method, with an extra long maceration and a very slow fermentation on the grapes’ residue for an extra elegant taste.


Traditional German Riesling cultivated in the northern Italy on the Lake Garda. As a result of the climate and soil, the wine is more saturated in the nose and has more fruitiness in the taste. Making this wine from dried grapes adds complexity and texture to the taste of Riesling.

White dry wine of green pineapple’s leaves-like color. The olfactory note reveals the elegant notes of pear and peach aromas with crisp citrus notes. The overall balanced characteristics are complemented by very high minerality from the limestone soils. The taste is characterized by notes of fresh apples, apple pie and lime marmalade.

Food pairing

This wine is perfect with any fish.

Technical details

Made from a selection of grapes collected strictly by hand, with careful quality control. Grapes are harvested in September.

Yielded grapes, that have 80% of their mass, are pressed in November. As a result, each bottle has 1,5 kg of fresh grapes.
Pressing is done after the separation of grapes from the stems, grapes are carefully pressed without damaging the seeds.

Vinification: Maceration and fermentation are done in the stainless steel tanks. The duration of the maceration is 10 days at a temperature below 6ºC, fermentation is done for 20 days at a temperature below 12ºC.

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