Valpolicella DOC

Valpolicella DOC CaBotta
Main characteristics
0,75 liters.
Цвет и сахар
Red dry wine.
Сорта винограда
Corvina Veronese 60% , Rondinella 25%, Corvinone 15%.
Вяленый виноград
30 days.
Выдержка в бочке
2 months in American oak.
Килограм на бутылку
1,25 kg of fresh grapes in each bottle.

Short description

Traditional red dry wine with an extra richness in taste and nose, produced from dried grapes with fermentation in the patented tank Fermentino Ca’Botta® for an extra potent body. Using dried grapes in production of Valpolicella DOC is very unusual, it greatly improves and enriches the wine.


Red wine of an intense ruby red color. The olfactory note reveals the pleasing fragrances of cherries, thyme with an elegantly light notes of herbs and tobacco. The taste is graceful and refined, complex in the body with notes of smoked cherries, chocolate, creme-brulee.

Food pairing

Valpolicella DOC is ready to drink immediately after opening, but for the best enjoyment it requires at least 20 minutes of decantation.

Technical details

Made from a selection of the best grapes collected strictly by hand, with careful quality control. Grapes are harvested from the beginning of September until the first week of October. The collected grapes are carefully placed into the net boxes, and dried with fresh air from the outside, ventilated with high altitude mountain air.

Yielded grapes, that have 85% of their mass, are pressed in November. As a result, each bottle has 1,25 kg of fresh grapes.

Vinification: Maceration and fermentation are done in the stainless steel tanks Fermentino Ca’Botta® using a patented method. The duration of the maceration is 5 days at a temperature below 8ºC, fermentation is done for 7 days at a temperature below 20ºC. After fermentation the wine is aged in oak barriques, made from American oak for 2 months.

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